British Police Insignia CD

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The "British Police Insignia CD" catalogues the insignia used by the British Police from the early 1800s to date. Now with over 9000 photographs, all with their own reference number, the insignia includes: helmet plates, kepi badges, cap badges, collar badges, belt buckles, cloth badges, lapel badges, buttons and belt buckles.


Organised in alphabetical order by Police Force. There are over 800 Constabulary, Borough, City, Military and private police forces listed from  Aberdale Canal Police to Zetland County Police. It is very easy to navigate; to find any of its listed items, simply click on the chosen Police Force.


We have also included council "Coats of Arms" to help with identification, and over 300 photographs of helmets used. See below for screen shots.


System requirements: IBM compatible with Windows and a CD player (runs in your browser). The contents of the CD can be saved and run directly onto your computer.


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Screen shots from the CD